Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog Assignment #1

Soapbox Passion
Hello to all you blogger readers who have nothing else better to do then read this useless piece of information about someone you don't even know and who also couldn't care less if you don't know anything at all about me. Assignment instructions said to "tell us about your passions" well a passion of mine at this moment in time is; I value my privacy and I'm very comfortable with my lack of 15 minutes of fame. What do I care about your personal information; if you have something important that may help others accomplish a task or achieve a higher understanding then blog away but without all the flutter (useless information filling space). Don't misunderstand my point; I'm not against tell anyone about myself as long as I have the choice on whom I tell.  <br />

About Me
Ok, because this is a graded assignment and as I always say, anything worth doing is worth doing right. I will now climb off my soapbox about privacy and tell you a little bit about what makes me, me. I was born on planet Earth and raised in America where I served proudly I might add in the United States Coast Guard for twenty-three years. I'm in my early to mid-fifties, I have always enjoyed teaching and instructing those youths who lacked the knowledge or skills needed to succeed in their endeavors. Most of my opportunities have come through coaching several of my daughters softball teams and through a voluntary sponsorship program call P.I.E. Partnership In Education. I decided to attend USA because its close to home and I don't have to drive far. My major interest are freedom of religion and my right to bear arms and living long enough to enjoy life fully.<br />

My Classroom
I haven't given much though on the subject of what methods of teaching I will emphasize, however "I do" "we do" "you do" comes to mind. I haven't received enough instructions on what tools might be available for me and my students unless the tools you are referring to are blackboards, smart boards, pens, pencils, crayons, paper, books. I truly feel that I don't have enough understanding of what it means to be a teacher to write intelligently about how my future life as a teacher would be. I do however remember having fun in first through fifth grade and it's my hope to have fun with the children I hope to have the privilege to teach.<br />

Dr. Pausch
I didn't learn anything I haven't already been told or heard, but it is nice to be reminded.  


  1. In the Coast Guard you certainly learn not to procrastinate!

    Well written. Welcome to EDM310!

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  3. Don, I think it is great that you are back in school and pursuing teaching, I too don't know much about teaching and can't wait to learn! I noticed your break symbols showed up in the post, mine did the same thing and Dr. Strange told me there is a HTML button that has to be pushed before putting those in there. (just a little tip for the next blog) Good luck with the rest of the class!