Friday, February 1, 2013

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing
I learned that the tools used in peer editing have to be customized to the one you are editing. Just like Goldie Locks, you don't want it be to HOT or to COLD but JUST RIGHT. Even the best of us have bad days, so you need a little history on the one you are editing. When I did a peer editing on my assigned classmate Amanda Christopher (find her in MW class) I only found positive things to say because she is an excellent writer. That does mean that she won't make some mistakes in the future. Now, Dr. Strange from all the writings I viewed he is an excellent writer. However on his "Special Blog Post Assignment # 1" second paragraph from the end, he wrote" Because India has four times as many people as the does the United States" The word "the" doesn't seem to me, to belong in the statement and I only point that out because it gives value to my statement we all make mistakes. With Dr. Stranges' history of writing I would never have pointed that out because he does not need to be taught on the subject of grammar, it's an error that typically does not occur. Also, upon writing this Blog I have also come to realized that I went in to the assignment looking for what was wrong with Amanda's Blog, but there are two sides to every coin and after not finding anything wrong I questioned myself. Why didn't I go in looking for what she did right? I think that the most important lesson I learned from this assignment on Peer Editing.

Assistive Technologies
Well it's great that the advances in technologies are becoming adaptable to the needs of impaired students and special needs students. In the past these students were isolated from each other. And that was a double edged sword because both sides (special needs students & mainstream students) were denied the opportunity for social interaction with each other in a classroom setting.

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts This teacher hit a home run in the field of teaching technologies. She has balanced learning with instruction on software usage (something I wish this class had more of) and also with the technic, to quote Dr. Strange "No more Burp-Back Education" to empower her students the their full potential of learning.


  1. Don, I like the first part of your blog about not everyone being perfect and accepting that everyone will make mistakes. (By the way, I assume you meant "doesn't" when you wrote, "That does mean that she won't make some mistakes in the future.") This just reiterates exactly what you were saying though. Your grammar, sentence structure, and clarity seem to all be well enough for you to make your points and do so in a knowledgeable way. The only negative thing that I would like to comment on about your post is to remember that only the people who are in class with you have read the assignments. Your blog, on the other hand, is open to the public who has not necessarily read these assignments. I would like to encourage you to write in such a way that you explain the videos/presentations/blogs that you are referring to and maybe even leave a link for other readers to click on. Other than that, I enjoyed your post, and keep up the good work!

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